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Sebuah permainan kata yang serba cepat, pergilah merogoh kata-kata sebaik mungkin!

BattleWords Premium is the ad-free version of our fast-paced multiplayer and offline word game. You have 60 seconds to swipe through the board of scrambled letters to create words. Find as many words as possible, use the special tiles for more time and score. Challenge friends, random opponents, our robot or play completely offline.

Swipe the scrambled letters vertically, horizontally, diagonally or a combination. When satisfied you release your finger, and if the selected letters form an actual word you get points. Word by word you will increase your score. Increase your word score further by using the three different word bonus tiles. Possible word bonus tiles are:
Extra time: one second added to the clock!
Extra bonus: this letter has a higher than normal score!
Power: this letter will award you one power, when you reach enough power all letters become bonus tiles!

There are two different game modes in BattleWords Word Game, Normal and Sticky

Normal game mode:
Letters used are replaced with new words and there is no limit to how many times you may create the same word.

Sticky game mode:
Letters used remain on the board and you are only allowed to make the same word once.

Challenge random opponents
Play versus the word game robot
Unlock achievements and badges
Get on the leaderboards
Play offline without an account
Earn coins to unlock awesome avatars

BattleWords is available in nine languages: English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

If you enjoy word games you’ll love BattleWords! So put your game face on and prepare to scrabble down words to the best of your ability!

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